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Performance Medicine Leader & Cellular Health Advocate

Performance Medicine Leader & Cellular Health Advocate

Interview with Heather Bartlett, MD

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The third episode of Just Share is here!

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Dr. Heather Bartlett is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, a graduate from St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, after completing her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Texas A&M University in College Station. After completing her internship in general surgery in Cincinnati, Ohio, she stepped into family medicine residency not fully understanding the enormity of widespread metabolic dysfunction in the US. After graduating as Chief Resident, she pursued the Pacific Northwest with a position at an outpatient family medicine clinic. 

Frustrated with a lack of impact on patients with only pharmaceutical prescriptions and 15-minute visits, she found other ways to serve in medicine. After years, she tried another approach, as an innovator and early adopter, founding Columbus Ohio’s first direct primary care practice in 2016, her private practice gave her new insights on how a prescription pill solution only seemed to fail.  Reverse engineering what clients really needed became her passion. Vague advice was no longer allowed. This became a “cell up” approach, rather than the “disease down” model. MetaboLab, Your Biohack evolved, offering medical grade biohacking with the study of each client, one at a time. The clinic is bringing a concierge level of advanced care available on East and West coasts to the Midwest. Cognitive performance, longevity, and weight loss are a few solutions her clinic offers. 

Learn more about what Heather offers on her website.

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